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div dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on"br /br /nbsp;Here's one of my big new ideas, about escalation and emotions.br /br /nbsp;Once you're good enough at this stuff that you get laid on a regular basis (say 10 new lays a year) then it becomes all about the idea of striking while the iron is hot. The reason being when you have good attraction game, you get the girl as attracted as she
I stopped by a local dating advice forum the other day and a bunch of guys were debating whether online dating was useful if you weren’t tall, good looking, white, etc. I’ve actually gotten this question a LOT recently so thought I’d finally put it to rest. A lot of guys tell me the same [...]
Successful social artists know that where you stand in a group makes all the difference in the world. Leaning against the bar, facing out, with people clustered around you is a far more effective position than being in the circle, looking in at someone who is the center of attention. It’s something we’ve known for [...]
So, as you looked down at your groin this morning, it looked different...
I can't get over the blog from the other day...
I'm on Steve Harvey today. Find out where to watch...

Pea Coats

Posted by grod 516 days ago (http://www.tsbmag.com)
Keep warm and look sophisticated in a classic pea coat. A winter wardrobe staple, pea coats are far more stylish than a jacket and suit any body shape.What is a pea coat?A pea coat is distinguishable from other coats by its large collar and double breasted design, often with military style buttons. Made from thick [...]
Mid-to-late 90’s movies should be required viewing for today’s self-doubting male. While I don’t think films like “Wild Wild West” or “The Faculty” offer much in terms of confidence-building concepts (or plot and acting ability, for that matter), there are a few that offer sound advice for dudes looking to gain a little confidence.A few [...]
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