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A few years ago, I would sit back in my Base of Operations, kick up my Gucci loafers, spark up a Macaudo with my Dunhill lighter and stare at a big world map in my office. Continue:
And you won, did she take advantage of you?  Or were you taking advantage of her?  Oh, the games to be played.  If you are geared up with all the Stylelife goodies, I am sure you didn’t fold your cards on this one.  But was it worth the hype that got it in the new [...]
You’ve known this one girl for quite a while, you get on really well, you have a laugh and joke together and feel like you can talk about anything.

You really like this girl (in that way), and you try to ‘make a move’ on her. She rejects your advances and says, “I see you as more of a friend.”


I’ve been there. I know this sucks really bad. You are now officially stuck in the ‘frien
Today, I want you not to read, but to watch and listen. If you've ever wanted to know how to appear confident every time you approach a woman, this video is a "must see" for you! This video is not only a great example of something I teach, but I also tell you how I used this technique in my own life.

The Help Me Eyes

Posted by grod 1616 days ago (http://www.tsbmag.com)
The Help Me Eyes are an international signal sent out by females to other females when they are trapped in a situation. Typically this situation involves a man they are not interested in. When the female has become cornered by a man she does not want to be talking to, she will send [...]
So, you've got to break up with somebody. Breaking up is hard to do. I'll tell you something - I was never a good breaking up person. I mean, it was one of the hardest things in the world for me to do. Through much of my adult life, I would work to get women to dislike me so the relationship could end.
To All The Girls

From the SF Crab House, to the LA cat house, to the college frat house, to the Miami Beach brat house to the NYC mad house, girls are non-stop complaining:
Anti-Slut Defense is any action a girl takes to shut down sexual escalation, often suddenly and quite opposite to her previous behavior. Often by breaking a sexual mood through sudden, often irrational, inexplicable verbal or non-verbal non-compliance.

It tends to strikes just when you think everything is lined up and the full-close is inevitable.

Why does it exist?
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