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Jordan Harbinger from the Pickup Podcast interviews the author of Seduce With Style, a new ebook about men's style.
A helpful collection of some of the top men's style websites and links.
A cool website about men's style and fashion.
First, to get this outfit right you need to be able to get understand the concept of sexual polarity. That is, the ability to match feminine energy with masculine energy to create an attractive look.

The scarf is very feminine and draws attention to the neck area. However, the shirt is unbuttoned and shows the manly chest, while the suit jacket, belt and jeans all add roughness. The jeans are
We did note that for this look to work, a longer hairstyle will accentuate the “hobo” and “too cool to care” attitude.
The retro glasses definitely add a definition of “I know what’s up” to the whole look.
It is a perfect play of formal (pants, suit jacket) and informal (necklace, sunglasses) that can still pass at the award show.
A post from Seducing With Style that talks about what exactly style is, and how to go about learning it.
Seducing with Style is a new website about men's style, aimed at the PUA community. The site features dozens of articles on how to create an attractive look as well as advice on how to attract women without even using words.
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