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Confidence. What is it?

Trust or faith in a person or thing.
A feeling of assurance, especially of self-assurance.
The state or quality of being certain.
The firm belief in one’s powers, abilities, or capacities.
So, what if you don’t have any confidence?

Can you get it?

Find out!

Going out alone can be scary. A lot of guys don’t have the confidence to go out by themselves. Imagine then how hard it is then to pickup beautiful women all by yourself!

You have no wingman to rely on. It is all on you.

Sometimes you have no choice. You’re on a business trip for a few days or your friends don’t want go out or whatever excuse. Either way, that is not a reason not to go out
When you are a typical 19 years old guy you don’t have many options for work or girls. No one is really going to hire you for 150k a year to come to the office every day. And no self respecting girl over 22 years old is going to date you. You need CASH or you are basically fu**ed. Here is what I did:

When I was young I got a Valet job at one of the hottest nightclubs in Hollywood. You know, Ce
2 videos from The 21 Convention you need to see but likely haven't...
One of the few Blogs I read: Roissy in DC, Where pretty lies perish had a good post on Body Language:

When a woman tries to get your attention, take a second longer to swivel your head to reply. The goal is to introduce a palpable, but not off-putting, tension to the interaction. In other words, make her sweat.

Keep your head cocked upward slightly. This will accentuate the heaviness of you
Listening to the mind can be very detrimental to your confidence. Learning to escape the mind and re-connecting with your soul can help you develop real confidence that can not be shaken or broken for anything.
It’s no secret that the US Economy is taking heavy shots, like keeping your hands low in a fight with Andre Berto. We have a trade imbalance. A Weak as Affliction shirt, US Dollar. Sky-high, rocketing debt. A national housing market in the dumps. A credit crunch with tight as my Game lending policies. Energy costs through the roof. Devastated consumer confidence. Tortoise Slow job growth. A reall
Hey guys, I just wanted to finished talking about dealing with your personal reality, illusions and why and how you can change the way you live your life today!

So what should you believe?

You “should” believe in what benefits you the most!

This is not always the same as the closest thing to the truth, but often it is. If science is the closest thing to the truth should I then only belie
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