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Posted by Eclipse 1160 days ago (http://www.puagamer.com)
Do you like pickup, video games, and hot women? Then you might enjoy PUA Gamer, which combines all of the above into a humor packed website about pickup, women, and video games.

Pick Up Artist

Posted by Casual 1160 days ago (http://www.pualingo.org)
Come check out PUA Lingo, the largest encyclopedia of the pickup & seduction community, featuring a comprehensive glossary of PUA terms, PUA openers & routines, profiles of top instructors, product reviews, and more.
What if The Game had achievements, just like a game for the Xbox? What would the achievements be like? FInd out now!

PUA Forum

Posted by Casual 1188 days ago (http://www.pualingo.com)
An overview of PUA Forums and their impact to the seduction community.
Rob Judge, one of the world's top dating coaches and bloggers was recognized as one of the top PUAs of 2010 on 2 separate lists!
Andy Yosha, one of the founders of Daygame.com was recognized as one of the top PUAs of 2010.
Allen Robert Reyes aka Gunwitch, 31, has been arrested for allegedly shooting a woman in the face at a party. Allen Robert Reyes is the real name of pickup guru "Gunwitch." whom was featured in Neil Strauss' The Game;

A complete listing of Female PUA gurus and dating instructors.
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