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AlphaWolf shows you his 7 favorite PUA videos online!
An article about the second season of VH1's reality TV series, The Pickup Artist.
A Finnish blog that explores the concepts of pick up artists and seduction.

Chris Orleans

Posted by Salsero 1317 days ago (http://www.pualingo.com)
Profile of Chris Orleans, an up-and-coming seduction and pickup instructor.

Neil Strauss

Posted by Casual 1343 days ago (http://www.pualingo.com)
Profile of Neil Strauss, aka Style, the author of 'The Game' and one of the world's top pickup artists.
A full list of over 500 PUA terms and acronyms.
The new homepage of Jonathan Sankey, Australia based dating and lifestyle coach.
A brilliant analysis of the process every man must go through to become good with women. Must read.
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