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Learn about Jonathan Sankey, the founder of Seduce in Seconds, and innovative pickup company that combines video tutorials and in-game footage to take your game to the next level.
Is The Art of Charm in this industry to help guys get good at meeting girls? Or is The Art of Charm here to make money by scamming needy guys who are desperate to improve their dating lives?
Want to know who's who in the seduction community? Check out this list of PUA profiles, featuring bios of some of the top pick up artists in the industry.
When it comes to gossip, girls usually have guys beat hands down, but even the seduction community enjoys a bit of dick crack from time to time, especially at the end of the year when guys are feeling nostalgic, and the big PUA instructors feel the need to swing their dicks around.

Usually, this results in someone coming out with a “Top 10 PUAs” list, but this year there were so many lists tha
Last year about this time, I covered the changes and developments in the “PUA Community” in: PUA Community Year in Review — 2008. If you haven’t read it before and have been around that long (or not), it may be worth reading again.

In that article, I made the points that 2008 represented a new level of skill for the community as a whole, and a disenchantment with the hero worship that drew mos
Could be a good candidate for a book deal, if it weren’t for those pesky copyright issues. (See also: The G Manifesto and Fuck Yeah Subtitles.)
Here are the 2nd G Manifesto Awards. The 1st G Manifesto Awards, are here: The G Manifesto Awards, The Best of 2007. I missed 2008 as I was busy swooping girls and had a little street War to contend with at the time. (Also check out the Outlook for 2008, where I was like the Nouriel Roubini of this Game s*it, of sorts). Continue:
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