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Mystery's new book...Coming off the success of his first bestselling book, The Mystery Method, Mystery once again teams up with writer Chris Odom to “impart some pearls of wisdom,” and this time, he has quite a story to tell.
Jon Sinn was one of the original instructors for the Mystery Method corporation, and is now the founder of his own company, the Sinns of Attraction, which offers innovative, long-term pickup coaching. Listen to this exclusive audio interview, in which Jon goes over the following:

How to avoid getting flakes from girls
How to close a girl on the first date
How to make long lasting change to
Are you a fan of Twitter and looking for some great PUAs to follow? Check out this Twitter List of some of the best PUAs out there, from Neil Strauss and Ross Jeffries to David Deangelo and Wayne Elise, as well as Twitter accounts for some of the greatest PUA resources out there.
The G Manifesto in The New York Times

“The G Manifesto is like “The Office” for new-world gangsters. It’s a must-read blog these days.” Continue:
Steve P. will present a workshop in San Diego, California, that will help you Awaken Powerful Self Confidence. These are only some of the techniques taught in his private intensive coaching (maximum 6 students) which normally cost $15,000 per person..
Check out PUA Gathering, the Social Network for Pickup Artists. Signup is free and easy, users can browse for wingmen and fellow pickup artists in their area, form Lairs and groups and host private message boards and forums, discuss various seduction concepts, browse the PUA Directory for various seduction websites, post videos, and blog your experiences.

PUA Gathering is your portal to the PU

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A look at one of Europe's top pick up companies.
Check out this new PUA blog from PUA Lingo, featuring posts about the different concepts and terminology of the seduction community, as well as guest posts by some of the top PUA instructors in the industry.
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