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We just recorded an awesome interview with GK, an instructor for Charisma Arts who shared some advice on how to use natural game to get the girls you want. Here's some of the topics covered in the interview:

How GK went from a 25 year-old virgin to a pickup instructor
How to talk about yourself in a relatable way
How to let a girl know you’re interested in her
The importance of knowing how
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Tucker Max: I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell Trailer

Tucker Max, who wrote a New York Times Best Seller is coming out with a movie.

Now, Tucker Max is not exactly my strain of Chronic, but to each his own.

I do have a lot of respect for the cat, he is a good writer, has the juice to make his own movie, and generally (from what I know, which is not a ton) plays by his own rules. Continue R
The SeductionList has an exclusive interview with Dan, a former head instructor at Charisma Arts, and the founder of a new pickup company called the Charming Geek.

Listen to the interview to learn how to improve your conversation skills, improve your fashion sense, and build rock-solid confidence.

Some of the other topics that are covered include:

Why looks don’t matter in pickup
How to
So now that I am taking full control of the TSB twitter account (and neglecting my personal one a little), I have come across so much stuff! I was going to wait to post this but after watching it I couldn’t wait. This is hilarious! I guess some kids in Seattle, Washington “Quiet Projects” decided to make a musical out of the book “The Game”.
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