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Word on the street is that the G.I. Joe movie will rape and pillage any nostalgia you had for the old skool cartoons. On the bright side, a little of it came back when the dudes over at Gunaxin put together a quick list of the 10 most bad ass COBRA villains. While you look back, you may want to grab a beer or 7 and try to drink the pain away :/

Asylum has a post titled “What is the Manliest Dr
VIDEO with Social Supermen, about:

Playful Touch, Taking Action & Why Most Guys Suck With Women : Social Supermen – Versatile Natural Dating System
An excellent review from a 4 day attendee and speaker!
Check out this exclusive interview with DJ Fuji, former top instructor for Mehow, and now an independent pickup teacher. Learn about the journey that DJ Fuji went through to become a top class PUA, and how to overcome any sticking points you come across along the way.

Here are some of the topics covered in the interview:

How does being good looking affect game?
How does being rich affect
The title says it all... in true HD!!! Check it out and share if you care!
Descriptions of all the seminars and events in New York City for the month.
Check out this exclusive interview with Troy Dizon of Troy Dizon Dating, a new pickup company that is starting to get some serious attention.
Announcing the SeductionList, the most comprehensive directory of Pickup and Seduction related sites on the Internet! Browse to discover cool and useful pickup sites, or submit your favorite site to be included in the directory!
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