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Now, if you know me I’m no fan of Mystery, legendary douche extraordinaire. But I recently came across some blogs that are not only well-written about the art of swoopin’ up fly chicks, but are funny as fuck as well.

Now you don’t necessarily have to call yourself a pick-up artist or anything, but it won’t hurt your pimp game to know how to interact with the opposite sex. So I have compiled th
Entropy is going to be running bootcamps over in Europe this coming September.
Click here to watch the video of Love Systems on Tyra and to comment on what you thought of the show...
Find out what "SUISC" stands for, along with definitions and explanations of hundreds of other commonly used terms and acronyms from the seduction community.
Learn about the history of the PUA company Love Systems (originally the Mystery Method corporation) and how it has evolved from scripted game to a more natural approach.
Watch 'The 21 Convention (2009) Wii Give-a-Way! (ends June 1)' Play
Dream is giving away a Nintendo Wii to one lucky winner! Contest ends June 1. Watch video for more details.
With the growing popularity of pickup, women are increasingly learning about the the seduction community. Some even take things a step further, and apply the techniques and tactics of pickup artists to further their own dating
The Dream Lounge re-launches on a new self hosted wordpress site alongside www.The21Convention.com
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