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A great list of the top 7 resources for finding FREE pickup related content online.
Want to learn the concepts and lingo used in the seduction community? Check out this list of nearly 500 PUA terms and acronyms, accompanied by detailed descriptions of each concept and technique.
Looking to join a PUA forum? Check out this list of over 45 PUA forums, from those with just a handful of members to those with over 100,000 participants. Find the forum that's right for you!
Whether you want your site to be the world’s homepage like Google, Facebook, etc.; run a less popular website and sell high cost products with a large profit margin; create many smaller websites that generate a total profit larger than the biggest sites; or any combination of these, you have many options for your bankroll to blow up like Lindsay Lohan’s mind on powder. Continue Reading:
Affirmations are a simple mental technique that has helped thousands of men install powerful new beliefs about themselves. Learn how to use affirmations to take your inner game to the next level.
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