One of my strengths has always been: give me an evening alone with a girl who likes me #8211; even if she only likes me a little bit #8211; and I#8217;ll convert that into something physical. The woman who I#8217;m seeing at the moment broke a string of 23 first-dates that ended in sex.Every Love [...]
Since I am so powerful in football predictions, I figured some of you will be waiting to hear my World Series predictions.
In this podcast, I am going to tell you the real truth about cheating. No sugar coating here. I am not only going to tell you what I really think about cheaters, but I'm also going to tell you why you need to look in the mirror if you are someone who has been cheated on over and over throughout your life. You're going to be shocked at what I go over in this podcast. It is absolutely going to
First off, I want to say THANK YOU for making the release of the Game Acceleration Doctrine – Version 2.0 a big success!br /br /I’ve already received over 120 emails in the last twenty-four hours about the new GAD and over 1,000 people have joined my special Game Acceleration mailing list! If you haven’t signed up for the list yet, sign up here:br /br /a href=" http://www.sinnsofattraction.com/g
Women throw out shit tests all the time, to test the congruence and strength of the guys they're with. Learn how to recognize and deal with shit tests, and use it as an opportunity to build attraction, from Love Systems Daxx.
I’ve been talking to a few people from around the world, and we were debating about whether or not Korean women, are different than women from anywhere else around the world.
(To read more about me visit my web page at www.puatraining.com/psych and to contact me for any one on one work or bootcamps email me at psych@puatraining.com)I have a very good friend named Elev8 who, quite frankly, gets more vagina then a toilet seat.  We frequently talk on the phone for great lengths of time and [...]
Recently, as I was teaching some 10SSA to a student at a boot-camp he asked me:“Why do you kino so little in mid-game now, back in the old days you were super touchy?”Good question.Back in the old days the only way I would sexually escalate only via touching. The problem with that is that [...]
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