Ever been out and see a guy that just looks like a complete MUTANT?  No style, no taste, but even worse, HE IS WITH THE GIRL OF YOUR DREAMS?  How in the WORLD did a guy that looks like that pull it off?As Kermit D. Frog once said, “It ain’t easy bein Green”.  And the [...]
So for all of you who are really curious about my fantasy football draft, here's how I did.
In this podcast I talk about sexual myths and misconceptions. It's amazing how many myths and misconceptions about sex . . . and about women's sexuality in particular. This podcast is going to tantalize and tickle you in different ways. You may be surprised at the new things you might learn.
AUDIO NOW LIVE!!! HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS EPISODE:All about my new Classic Rock ShowMan in Madrid, Spain believes he is being Lovingly Dominant but his woman doesn’t want to meet up as often as he does. Learn what he is doing wrongSixty’s “Escalation is Attractive” doctrine, [...]Post from: Real Modern Man.0094 Interview with Sixty Part II … Man in Madrid wants to see his
We just recorded an awesome interview with GK, an instructor for Charisma Arts who shared some advice on how to use natural game to get the girls you want. Here's some of the topics covered in the interview:

How GK went from a 25 year-old virgin to a pickup instructor
How to talk about yourself in a relatable way
How to let a girl know you’re interested in her
The importance of knowing how
Looking for great, free PUA related videos? Here's a list of over 20 sites that offer free pickup videos, from top PUAs such as Sinn, David Wygant, Jdog, and Juggler who offer great pickup advice as well as killer infield footage.
Doing Drugs and Picking Up Girls

Let’s make things nice and sparkling clear, I have said before that The G never uses drugs to inebriate girls, and considers doing so, a horrible crime. But since it has never been done before, and people keep on asking me, I put together an EZ reference sheet for the up and coming G to know which drugs are best to be on for Picking up Girls. continue:
From now through September fourth, Jason Julius is offering a 50% discount on his acclaimed Female Orgasm Blueprint training system.

Now you can get his entire training system for 50% off the normal price.

The course sells like hotcakes everyday for $97.00 ...but you can save 50% and get the entire video training for just $48.50!

The reason he's offering this sale is because it's his way
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