Hey guys,br /br / Saw a great review on the SOA (a href="http://www.sinnsofattraction.com/forum"FORUM/a ) forum this morning and wanted to share it.br /br / It's always great to help guys get their first success with women.br /br / Here it is from Ace:br /---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------br / I finally lost my virginity after 20 years of being

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Multiple times a week, I see this girl at the train station. She’s really cute and we’ve had eye contact a few times. I just don’t know how to go about approaching her. A train station seems kind of random and if I approach her all of a sudden, wouldn’t it seem weird or creepy? [...]
Hey guys,http://www.puatraining.com/files/brochures/nice-guy-game.pdfI am excited having just completed my e-book, please click on the link to read (or right-click, then ’save target as’ if you wish to save a copy).I hope you enjoy reading it and I look forwarding to your comments and questions. Stay kool and keep gaming.Your Friendly, Neighbourhood PUA Dharam
Birthday Game and Swooping Girls
It is no secret that your Birthday is one of the easiest days/nights to swoop girls out of the year. There is something about Birthdays that make Ladies go Gaga. Me? I don’t care about them. What am I? Six years old? Can’t wait to get a Rubik’s Cube? No. To me, it’s just another night to swoop fly girls. Continue:
When you're dating somebody, what are the boundaries? Are there certain relationship boundaries which, if crossed, cause irreparable damage and the ultimate end of most relationships? While I am not usually a fan of hard and fast “rules” for relationships, there are certain dating behaviors which will almost without exception will end a relationship.
TSB Magazine, in cohorts with the guys from The PUA Summit, has teamed up to bring you the ultimate End of Summer Give Away.We’ve put together a collection of prizes with a value in excess of $2000.  And we’ve made it SIMPLE to enter and EASY to win.Right now text TSBMAG to 32075 and you [...]
Welcome back to another great week in Game-land.  While other people are out snorting pixie sticks till their candy corns are destroyed from 5th Avenue, and they can’t use their Zagnuts till PAYDAY, we here at PICK UP LABS might be able to set you up with another fun Opener for the week so you [...]
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