Hey there,br /br /With 2009 coming to an end and 2010 fast approaching br /I’m getting a lot of questions from guys asking for advicebr /on how they can make 2010 be their best year ever whenbr /it comes to meeting women.br /br /There are quite a few ways to answer this question, but ifbr /I could think of ONE THING that will help the largest number br /of guys it would be this:br /br /If you want to have a kick-ass dating life in 2010 you’ll be FAR br /better off spending your time doing day game instead of hanging br /out in bars and clubs for hours on end.br /br /There are quite a few advantages that day game has over br /night game for most guys, among them:br /br /*It’s much easier to get good at day game than it is to get br /good at night game. br /br /*You’ll meet much higher-quality women during than daybr /than you will at night (let’s face it, most girls that have anything br /going on in their lives aren’t club-hopping on a Tuesday night).br /br /*It’s much easier to practice day game and maintain a normal br /work schedule, than it is to go out at night all the time if you have a job.br /br /In a nutshell, day game is easier and less-stressful than night game,br /AND you’ll meet better girls. Sounds like a good deal to me :)br /br /So to help make 2010 your best year ever, I’ve set up a few br /holiday gifts for you that will help you become an expert atbr /day game in the shortest time possible.br /br /First of all, I’m going to be putting my best-selling Day Gamebr /from A to Z Mastery Program back on the market this Thursday,br /December 24, 2009. br /br /This program has been off the market since last May and retailsbr /at $697.00, but to keep with the Christmas spirit there will be a br /short window where you can get it for a STEEP br /discount.br /br /Also, as part of this holiday day game event, I’m re-releasing some br /awesome free materials that will really help your day game. br /Here are some of my favorites…br /br /My 24-page Day Game Report:br /br /a href=" http://www.getdaygame.com/daygamereport/"Day Game Report/abr /br /A LIVE undercover day game pick-up:br /br /a href="http://www.getdaygame.com/video2/"Live Pickup Video/abr /br /An audio Lay-report from Alex, who laid NINE girls in one monthbr /using my Day Game materials:br /br /a href=" http://www.getdaygame.com/audiolayreport/"Audio LR/abr /br /That’s all I got for now. br /br /Best, br /br /JS – The King of Contentdiv class="blogger-post-footer"Check Out the Game Acceleration Doctrine 60 pages of the
most field tested advice to get started in game today!

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