Lately, I've been talking about this idea of expressing direct (Non qualification based) interest in a girl early in the interaction as a way of br /br / A. Defining the pickup for the girl. A lot of the time when you approach a girl especially if you're using an indirect opener the girl is unsure of what the interaction is, by using direct interest early, the girl knows you're interested in her romantically/sexually.br /br / B. Escalating the interaction.br /br / So here's my admittedly incomplete list of ways to express this direct interest in a competent way (as opposed to telling a girl she's hot or has great tits).br /br / 1. Why I like you statements. These are compliments that are framed as being the main reason or a main reason for your interest in her. br /br / 2. Statements of intent. The grandfather of direct interest. There are some really interesting Old, old, old school (like 2001) posts by a guy named Neo-Rio on ASF about SOIs solid stuff. I've also talked about them extensively on the Seduction Roadmap. SOIs are exactly what they sound like you give the girl a statement of what you are going to try to do.br /br / 3. Making plans/Asking her out. This is where normal guys do it right. Asking a girl out early ( as long as you don't get her phone # and leave in 3 mins) is a good way to demonstrate that you want to see her again and you're interested in dating her.br /br / 4. Relationship ?s. This is a technique I created after watching Captain Jack. Relationship questions like "Are you the jealous type" serve to frame the interaction in a romantic context. You would never ask a girl if she was he jealous type of girl unless you were considering her for a relationship and thus interest is very subtly expressed.br /br / 5. Assuming/Talking about a relationship. When you assume a relationship (even in a jokey role-playing way) you are expressing interest.br /br / So those are 5 ways I came up with sitting around last night.br /br / If you have any others leave them in the comments and I'll re-visit this topic sometime soon.br /br / JS- The King Of Contentdiv class="blogger-post-footer"Check Out the Game Acceleration Doctrine 60 pages of the
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