Hey there,br /br / I've been actively trying to simplify my game recently. One of the things that's really been working for me (To the point I started teaching it to my private phone coaching students and now it's working for them) is what I'm calling the K.I.S.S (Or Keep It Simple Stupid) system for getting a girl's number.br /br / What happened was this, we all know it's better if you make a date with a girl for a specific time and at a specific place right? br /br / Well I only ever take girls to drinks or for coffee if they're under 21(But above 18). So instead of coming up with this elaborate plan or coming up with a unique date every time, I decided to just start asking girls to come out for a drink or coffee when I meet them. br /br / No more having to seed a story about a cool place, or make it seem really elaborate. br /br / So I started doing that, instead of the overly elaborate seeding, I would just ask them if they wanted to grab a drink sometime in the normal flow of the conversation. This is a key point as when I waited til the end of the conversation to ask, I got a LOT more flaking (like 30%) so it's important that you treat it like a seed and you don't ask for the women's # right away after she agrees to go have a drink. br /br / Wait a minute or 2 and then get her phone number so you can figure out where you'll go. I also like to say I like dive bars and ask her if she likes dive bars at which point I'll tell her we'll go somewhere cool and that's it. I'm out. br /br / This is MUCH simpler and can be thrown in to any conversation and the best part is the girl will know it's a date, so there won't be any confusion where you end up in the dreaded friend zone.br /br / Hope that helps,br /br / JS- The King Of Contentdiv class="blogger-post-footer"Check Out the Game Acceleration Doctrine 60 pages of the
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