As Love Systems grows, I've had to delegate a lot more of the stuff-other-people-can-do-that-I'm-not-very-good-at-anyway so I can keep my focus on instructor training, evaluation, quality control, products, and so on. One of those things I'm not as close to every day is the Love Systems website.br /br /So the first time I saw that the a href="http://www.lovesystems.com/books/routines-manual-2"newest volume of the Love Systems Routines Manual/a was available for the ridiculous price of $9.99 instead of $99.99, I thought it was a typo or a mistake.br /br /The a href="http://www.lovesystems.com/books/routines-manual"first Routines Manual/a was one of the most successful and useful dating books ever written. (a href="http://www.theattractionforums.com/love-systems-reviews/56925-love-systems-routine-manual-don-savoy.html"Reviews here/a). It contained the actual word-for-word scripts that the best pick up artists in the world actually used. It's like when you see some average guy picking up a beautiful woman and you're wondering "what the hell is he saying to her?"br /br /Well, now you know.br /br /But - and this might be a little controversial - I actually think Volume 2 of the Love Systems Routines Manual is even better. (But some people think they're both equally good - a href="http://www.theattractionforums.com/love-systems-reviews/92379-love-systems-routines-manual-volume-2-a.html"see the debate here/a). It's got hundreds of those scripts (called "routines") but what I think it does even better is break them down by context. SO there's a chapter of Day Game routines, with a killer introduction by none other than Jeremy Soul (the world's #1 Day Game expert) himself. It's got physical escalation routines, span style="font-weight: bold;"which I think is the most valuable part of the book. /spanSo many times, I see guys who know they have to be more "touchy" and get the "physical conversation" going with women, but they don't know how to get started. So there's a whole chapter of routines that provide built-in "excuses" or ways of really getting the touching going -- exactly the way the masters do it.br /br /And when you also add the phone game routines, the section on palm reading (which is hilarious as well as useful), yeah, I really do think that Volume 2 of the Routines Manual is slightly better. Though both are awesome.br /br /So back to the $9.99 thing. I finally tracked down the answer to that. The way it's done, because no one has EVER asked for a refund of Volume 2 (!) the website boys and girls figured why not give a 30-day trial? So now for $9.99, you get Love Systems Routines Manual 2 with all of the bonuses, and have 30 days to try. If you don't think you want to keep it for it's full price, just let us know. And you can even keep the book either way -- that's how confident they are. br /br /Here's the page with the $9.99 link I found:br /br /a href="http://www.lovesystems.com/books/routines-manual-2"http://www.lovesystems.com/books/routines-manual-2/abr /br /So if you're going out tonight, tomorrow, or anytime this week, I'd suggest you checking it out. You can download it right away and start using the new material right away. br /br /-NSbr /br /span style="font-style: italic;"Update: 3/27 later -- No, I don't know how long this will go for. I'll ask on Monday. I'm pretty sure it will stay like this for the rest of the weekend but I'm not sure how much past that. Stay tuned for updates./spandiv class="blogger-post-footer"img width='1' height='1' src='https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/tracker/5610487329075072890-8522536188990115892?l=therealsavoy.blogspot.com' alt='' //divimg src="http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/therealsavoyls/~4/olP5N7GroI8" height="1" width="1"/

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