This is one of the key realizations you need to make in order to actually start having success with women.br /br / Your goal is not to lead a girl to a yes, necessarily but rather to lead her to make a decision about whether or not she wants you to hit on her. br /br / If a girl won't let you hit on her or accept it, you're shit out of luck for turning that into anything romantic or sexual. br /br / So the way to think about opening, social comfort, and attraction is that the goal is to lead her to a decision about whether or not she's interested in being hit on before you start to qualify her, as there is no point in trying to qualify a girl who isn't interested in you hitting on her. br /br / How do you do this?br /br / With what I'm tentatively calling direct interest. Direct interest is basically telling the girl you like her without qualifying WHY you like her as you will do in qualification. With direct interest you're tipping your cap and letting her know you like her by hitting on her. br /br / The girl will either accept this or reject it at which point you can either qualify or move on.br /br / JS- The King Of Contentdiv class="blogger-post-footer"Check Out the Game Acceleration Doctrine 60 pages of the
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