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Confidence isn't judging yourself and thinking you're good, it's not judging yourself at all.
Identifying and fixing Beta male thought patterns and behavior.
Examining aspects of the dating and seduction game for short guys.
This is a pretty good look at the classic Nice Guys vs. Jerks debate and does a good job of explaining why the so called "nice guy" finishes last in the dating/relationship world.
Can a surface level improvement such as a new hairstyle or new outfit do anything for increasing one's confidence level? This article challenges the theory that confidence or self-esteem only comes from long term emotional self development.
Women love a man on a mission, the man with the plan. Why do you think driven, passionate guys like rockstars, artists and actors are so adored by women the world over? It has a lot to do with their passion. Discover your passion in this step-by-step video.
Ever wondered why so many "PUAs" are ego-driven? This article explains what's wrong with measuring success in pickup as it is usually done and offers a solution to integrating pick-up and success with women with a healthy lifestyle.
Ego is part of human nature, it exists in all of us to one degree or another. And like approach anxiety needs to be constantly battled with even by master seducers. With ego we learn to master Pickup but actually find the better we get the less we approach until we are barely approaching at all. With more success comes a sudden lack of success. We feel we are so high value we don’t need to approa
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