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Hey guys, since the 2011 PUA Summit wasn’t filmed, I wanted to at least share my speech with everyone for free because I think there were three very important things to learn about pickup and bettering yourself as an attractive man that every guy should know.

The 2011 PUA Summit was held at the legendary Project: Hollywood from the game. I spoke along side the legends such as Tylder Durden fro
So ever imagine picking up a playboy model? That used to be a dream of mine, just being able to approach a girl of that caliber of beauty and get a phone number would be a dream in itself. Going on a date with a playboy model? That would be unrealistic and out of this world. The thing I love most about the pick up artist community is how we shatter the normal social realities and make our own. Da
This is the full 45 minute long speech from the 2007 PUA Summit held in Hollywood, CA – Provided Free by Johnny Wolf and The Social Secrets.

The full DVDs featuring the other speakers are for sale at www.PUASummit.com and tickets to the 2011 PUA Summit are for sale at 2011puasummit.eventbrite.com

If you liked this speech, you’ll love the other 12 speakers as well. If you go
Hey guys, I know a lot of you have been waiting for the video from the 2010 PUA Summit. Bad Boy’s bit was crazy and Adam Lyons brought out some new stuff that no one’s ever heard of. Hyptonica had a super alpha frame as always, and David Wygant the original Hitch as well as Real Social Dynamics Tyler Durden are now fathers and bringing in a whole new perspective to the game.
As much as i’d love to walk away completely, I spent too many years and was in front of too many cameras to not become recognized where ever I go. Currently I am spending a year in Thailand training Muay Thai and MMA and really just trying to get in shape.

I had a long term girlfriend all last year and worked as a Scuba Diving instructor. But after she went back to Sweden for medical school, I
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Johnny Wolf gets into another fight, watch the video here
What’s up guys! Big props to Kai He Photography for taking such amazing photos this year at the event!

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