Spanking in a sexual way is weird. But also, at the same time, completely awesome. On the one hand, there’s a whole lot of sexuality going on when things start to get a little rough in between the sheets. On the other hand, if it goes wrong or takes a turn, well, things can get […]
Failing at anything in life is not that great. It doesn’t make you feel good and in fact, the only thing you want after you’ve failed is to get rid of that bad feeling inside you. But, if we would never fail, we would never learn anything. This isn’t just about hooking up with women, […]
Besides the movies below, Natalie Dormer has one credit that interests me from a personal and a business standpoint: “Game of Thrones.” Since this show is on HBO, the only episode I’ve seen is the 2nd season premiere. (Because I read the books, I knew I could jump in and understand what was happening, but […]
“Where the hell did that come from!?” That’s what they would all say when I’d already have the condom on. At least that’s what I thought they were saying, my Portuguese wasn’t that good. I’d spent the better part of … Continue reading →
If your Facebook feed is anything like ours, then in the past few months it has been completely taken over by people who love the new Netflix show Orange is the New Black. And while we were extremely hesitant to give it a shot — when something is that beloved, you just know there’s going […]
There are a few areas of every person’s body that we like to consider the “show-off” areas. These are the muscles that are easily to show off in public. While some of these may not be as valuable in your everyday life as some of the other less-showey muscles, these are the ones that our […]
Haircuts can be contentious- opinions are divided on styles such as emo cuts, comb-overs and quiffs. But these shockers, I think we can all agree, should never adorn any man’s head. No matter how attractive you are, you can’t make these horrifying styles look good. Dreadlocks Despite the protests of dreadlock owners that they’re really […]
In the last 6 months I’ve managed to lose 15kgs as part of a get in shape type of challenge I set to myself. You all know I do amazingly well with the ladies but has this effort really done anything in that arena? To give you an idea, I’m 6ft 1inches tall (185cm) and […]
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