Here’s the thing about relationships: They are difficult work. Anyone that says otherwise really hasn’t been in a satisfying or long-lasting relationship. After the first few bits of utter love and craziness, when you’re at the point where you’re leaving the bathroom door open and farting around each other and starting to learn the most [...]
Last week we discussed if you “need to be rich in order to score women” and I mentioned that the same things applies to looks. I got a ton of emails from you guys telling me that on the contrary, one needs to look awesome in order to score women. The hard truth is that, [...]
You’ve gone out so you can pick up, but not everyone else is there for the same reason. While you shouldn’t be discouraged from trying to get with women you meet at nightclubs- it’s probably the best place to find someone- there are a few assumptions that you might be making about women’s intentions that [...]
There are more tips for having sex than there are ways to have sex. This is well documented. Type in a Google search for “have better sex” and you will be bombarded with various positions and subtle mood-altering methods and creams and jells and oddly-shaped condoms and etc., and etc., forever. In fact, we try [...]
Diets are a weird thing. Our grandma didn’t eat the latest in greens and made sure to cut the carbs in order for health reasons. She filled her plate up with tons of potatoes and beef and a whole bunch of lard, and would polish off each of those meals with a shot and a [...]
This past weekend “The Heat” opened and trounced the rest of the adult fare as far as box office success goes. Leading up to that point, I read an A.V. Club post that revealed only 10% of the top 40 grossing movies of the year had a female lead. That includes dramas, comedies, action, sci-fi, [...]
There’s an old cliché in the pick up artiste community that pickup isn’t just about meeting women, but that it’s also about building a life. And the thing with most clichés is that they are actually quite true. The brilliant thing about pickup is that most of the things you learn within the community can [...]
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