I’ve been playing through Red Dead Redemption over the past week (what? I’m a sucker for sandbox games), and the experience has reminded me how much I love westerns. And not just movies, either; a good western novel will always have a place on my bookshelf. This week’s Awesome Man Throughout History, Louis L’Amour, wrote [...]
Here’s the thing about Maggie Gyllenhaal — who is getting the Monday hot lady treatment because she is actually in the upcoming “White House Down” movie, which will surely be a hot mess but maybe worth spending about $5 in order to just get out of the heat — she is hot. She doesn’t have [...]
Let’s take a break from the tech sector this week to talk about, uh, tech. A different kind of tech, though. Theatre tech and stage production are an entirely different beast than starting a website, with huge start-up costs and manpower requirements. One can’t just start a physical production company in one’s garage; you need [...]
Quick Definition: The various biological indicators of health, which usually refers to a woman although also applies to men. Full...Health Indicators is a post from PUA Lingo, a glossary of PUA and Pick Up Artist terminology.
AKA Stage 5 Clinger Quick Definition: A girl who is overly needy and tracks the artist’s every move due to insecurities/possessiveness...Stalker Girl is a post from PUA Lingo, a glossary of PUA and Pick Up Artist terminology.
I’m back! (It’s me, Mehow, btw) It’s been quite a ride and a very busy year. I got so many announcements lined up that’ll be popping throughout 2013 but for now let me tell you a quick story. It’s about … Continue reading →
Jon Sinn here, and today I want to talk to you about one of the more sneaky sticking points that guys have. That’s the issue of getting led on by girls who give you their phone numbers. Now notice this is a different sticking point then phone flaking or getting “bad” phone numbers. Phone flaking [...]
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