You’ve done well to get a woman into close proximity to your bed, so don’t ruin everything by having an unappealing bedroom. Any kid stuff Purge your room of anything that you have had since before you hit puberty. Most women are not going to swoon over your figurines or extensive comic book collection. Your […]
It pays to pay attention to new science. Not only will it give you all sorts of conversation topics both with your pals and out on dates — it really, really helps your chances if you are talking about current events — but also actually help your life in a variety of ways. For instance, […]
I really thought that I would have the easiest time selecting great Kim Basinger movies. It seems like she’s been around all of my movie life and looking at her movie credits, she has. However, being around doesn’t necessarily mean there are movies that I want to see again or watch for the first time. […]
We talk a lot about the core workout. The part of your body right in the middle there where your stomach muscles are. And there’s a reason for that, because it’s really the most important part of your body. What we tend to leave out, however, is simple cardio workout. And there’s not too many […]
Plenty of times, we try to be a little clever in the title of these hot lady posts. And for good reason: It’s fun and it generally helps to get people to click the post, which will then increase our traffic stats, making this site still available for all of you to view it. But, […]
What is she saying behind your back? Whether you’re casually seeing each other or are super serious, you can bet she has unresolved qualms if you’re guilty of any of these behaviors. Doesn’t make an effort with her friends and family Women hate it when their significant other can’t be bothered trying to make conversation […]
A collection of profile tips for one's online dating profile, based on statistics that have been derived from data collected on the Zoosk dating site over the last three years.
#160; Let’s have some fun today. Recently I got into a discussion with a few friends—some female, no less—on the subject of what guys who decidedly don’t “get it” are like. Essentially, it quickly...br/br/Visit our blog now for the complete post.div class="feedflare"a href="http://feeds.feedburner.com/~ff/edumckaytion?a=gB4Z1aeEXYw:gmVxz3qUywA:yIl2AUoC8zA"img src="http://feeds.feedburner.com/~ff/
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