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Club game, club girls and how to game them
It's currently one of the best times to be a man, so why is everybody complaining? Find out why guys today have it better than guys in the past when it comes to women.
Want to learn how to improve your technique in the bedroom and drive girls wild? Here's some advice from two adult stars (Shawna & Tori) who show you all the best moves!
Nick Kho, aka Papa from The Game, is quitting the PUA lifestyle and getting married to his longtime girlfriend Amber in December.
A humorous look at what pick up artists REALLY do (moral of the story: go outside once in a while!).
Richard La Ruina, aka Gambler, has just released "The Natural" his latest book on pickup which teaches you how to effortlessly attract women. Read the full review here.
Read the biography of Ross Jeffries, master of NLP & seduction, and one of the very first pick up artists.
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