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Hydro stops by to tell us online dating secrets he uses to get 9s and 10s
Learn what an SMV is, and how increasing it can increase your attractiveness to women and get you more sex.
Our review of 2 Girls Teach Sex, one of the hottest sex products out there, featuring sex advice from 2 porn stars who demonstrate the techniques on each other!

Sarging PUA

Posted by Eclipse 814 days ago (http://www.pualingo.com)
Learn about the history of the PUA term sarging, and how it came to be used within the pick up artist community.
A list of some of the most popular PUA forums on the 'net, where guys go to discuss pickup and lifestyle development
Learn about Richard La Ruina, aka Gambler, the founder of PUA Training, one of the top pickup companies in the UK
One of the important things that a PUA can work on is their inner game, and much of that is based on your BELIEFs. Learn what the belief system of a successful seducer looks like from this mast pick up artist.
Check out PUA Lingo, the most comprehensive encyclopedia of the pickup and seduction community.
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